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Royal court Content

Norman: Exchequer Hall in Caen.

Andalusian: Reception Hall of Abd-ar-Rahman III in Cordoba.

West African: Djingareyber Mosque in Timbuktu.

East African: Churches of Lalibela in Ehtiopia.

Goidelic: for Irish and Gaelic characters (Norman throneroom grey variation).

Uniques: Bayeux Tapestry, Holy Lance of Longinus, Joyeuse (sword of Charlemagne), several skull cups.

Generated via random events: Chess set, kris dagger, several catholic statues, Norse roundshield, Norman kiteshield.

Portraits Content

Western Europe

Generic: Otto III imperial crown, Royal emerald crown, Roman crown, Duke and counts circlets, kettle hat, bascinet, topf helm, flat top helm, sugarloaf helm, frankish helmet, mail and gambeson coifs, pillbox hat, 2 late medieval doublets, 1 late medieval legwear.

Iberian: Sancho IV crown, Aragon Dragon crown, Dragon helm, Nasal, Cerveliere, 6 hats (commoners, low nobles, high nobles), order of santiago tabard.

Latin: Iron Crown of Lombardy, Mathilda of Tuscany's hennin, Doge of Venice outfit (robe and hat), Theodelinda's crown, Siculo-Norman helmets, curved helmets, phrygian hat, duke pannonian, baron top hat, commoner wicker hat.

Anglo-Saxons: Coppergate helmet, Sutton Hoo helmet.

Eastern Europe

Slavic: Monomakh's Cap, Crown of Zvonimir, Albanian crown of Skanderbeg, circlet and helmet.

Hungarian: Holy crown of Hungary, circlet and helmet.

Rus: Type 4 Rus helmet from Nikolskoe.

Northern Europe

Viking Vendel helmet, Viking Gjermundbu helmet, Viking jarl and footman helmets, 3 nasals.

Units: Viking longship ship.

Monomachus crown, Komnenos crown, purple cloak, pannonian pileus, propoloma, skiadion Roman helmet, kettle hat, Varangian guard nasal.

Units: Dromon ship.

Decorated mamluk helmet, Decorated sallet, Turban helmet, Fatimid helmet, Fatimid bonnet, Zamt, Tagelmust, Lybian double harness, Taylasan cloak, Andalusian turban helmet, Andalusian nasal.

Units: Dhow ship.

Legwear, royal apron, 4 masks, 2 Edo coral crowns, 2 Ethiopian imperial crowns, Ethiopian veil, Ethiopian wicker hat, Makurian crown, 2 Nubian horned crowns, 2 Akan crowns, Fulani tengadé hat, 2 central africa wicker hats, Nubian helmet, Beninese helmet.

Khud helmet, Ilkhanate helmet, leather and quilted helmets, mighfar mail coif, and hats for all social classes and sex.

Turkic boerk, high and low nobility Seljuk coifs, Cuman battle mask, Kipchak battle mask, Cuman nobility coifs, Turkic crown and diadem.

Javanese Royal Crown, Javanese male clothing and legwear (royalty, nobility, commoners), Javanese female dress (royalty, nobility, commoners), Javanese Caping Hat, Javanese Blangkon Hat, Javanese kris dagger.

God crown, Karanda crown, Kirita crown, Kulavi hat, tibetan helmet, timurid helmet, Stanapatta outfit, Pratidhi outfit.

Churburg plate armor, Brigandine armor, Norman chainmail, Western and MENA Gambeson armors, Teutonic Order tabard, Arabic chainmail, Arabic leather lamelar, Abbassid leather lamelar, Byzantine golden armor.

Cloaks: Ermine, Holy Order and commoner cloaks() including Byzantine purple variants), taylasan and Lybian double harness (MENA).

Shields: Viking round shield, Norman Kiteshield.

Catholic: Cardinal outfit, XIth century papal outfit, Northern bishop outfit, pilgrim hats, cross of Saint Cuthbert.

Muslim: black caliph outfit.

Oxthodox: koukoulion, omophorion.

Jewish: judenhut, sudra.

Buddhist: Mahakala mask.

Traits accessories: Eyeglasses for administrators and whole of body after 1246, several disfiguration masks, nose prostheses, blind and one-eyed characters graphic representation (enucleated, cataract).

Jewelry: Rings, necklaces and earpieces for indepth character clothing customization.

Beards: 7 new models including the mighty french fork.

Haircuts:19 new models (5 steppe, 8 women, slavic, norse, bald) and hair loosing system for long term stressed characters.