Community Flavor Pack mod for Crusader Kings III

What is Community Flavor Pack ?

It's a free modification that aims to add a lot of historical portrait accessories for your characters, filling the many cultural lacks of vanilla Crusader Kings III. 8 months after game release, over 150 assets from all over the world are already part of the package.

What are the key features ?

  • Nothing but variety and visual consistency with vanilla game
  • Historically accurate and documented (867-1453)
  • Seamless integration : no gameplay change
  • Expanded Barbershop
  • Customize further your visual experience via game rules
  • AI compatible
  • Translated in all languages
  • Awards & press coverage

    « A mod so outstanding that it has not just surpassed players expectations but also raised the bar for content coming from Paradox themselves. »
    One Proud Bavarian

    « Honestly, it's difficult to tell this is even a mod. »
    PC Gamer

    « You might have constructed a mighty realm, but have you done it in style? »

    « Drawn from historical sources to retain CK3’s aesthetic. »
    Rock Paper Shotgun

    « The new features fit seamlessly into the game without disturbing the immersion. »
    PC Magazin

    Support the project

    Community Flavor Pack works as non-profit organization : all the money is reinvested to produce new content.

    What kind of investments are we talking about ?
    Internal costs: 3D softwares licenses and tools.
    External costs: freelance artists contracts.

    All donators are kept updated about accounts and have exclusive access to work in progress material and release candidates.
    Higher tiers monthly donators have a direct access to the internal discussions and can take part in artistical direction decisions.

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